NSS7 evo2 with 3G RADAR

  • Key Features

    • Low Profile Glass Design
    • More Screen, Less Border
    • Widescreen, Multi Touch Display
    • Built in High Gain 10Hz GPS/GLONASS
    • Built in CHIRP/Traditional sonar
    • Built in StructureScan
    • 4 display sizes 7”, 9”, 12” & 16”
    • High Brightness Displays
    • All new HEROiC Software
    • OP40 remote operable
    • Chartplotter only versions available
    • Networks with existing NSS, NSE, NSO series MFDs
    • Networks with all Simrad Performance Modules
    • 8mm Dash Profile: Family Matched with New MO Monitors
    • OP40 Remote Controllable

    HEROiC Software

    • All new HEROiC Software has been engineered for ease of use and to maximise the benefits of widescreen multi-touch display technology.
    • HEROiC has an all new look and feel for Simrad while maintaining the familiar features for the seasoned Simrad user
    • HEROiC has been designed for mixed-mode user control to provide a powerful multi touch user interface that can also be operated by a keypad when the sea conditions get challenging
    • HEROiC software is more customisable, allowing users to completely configure the system to their needs.
    • Personalised Wallpaper
    • Fully customisable favourites that can be accessed by a long press of the ‘Home’ key: HEROiC utilizes multitouch gestures for object manipulation and menu access. These types of controls are mainstream in todays Tablet/Smartphone market and very intuitive and easy to adapt to.
    • Pinch to zoom Chart, Echo, Radar
    • Drag the status bar down from the top of the display to access system controls
    • OP40 Remote Controllable

    Software Features

    NSS evo2 inherits all the existing software feature from NSS RTM 3.0 plus more new for evo2:

    • FLIR M-Series camera control
    • OP40 Remote controllable
    • Dual Radar
    • 48RPM Radar Support
    • BEP C-Zone Integration

    –Mercury VesselView Display Integration –Fusion Link Audio Support – including multiple audio servers –AIS SARTs –NMEA Data Logging –GRIB Weather support –Adjustable page split ratios and panel layouts –StructureMap overlay –BSM2 SW v 1.7 compatible