NSS7 evo2 with 3G RADAR

  • Key Features

    • Low Profile Glass Design
    • More Screen, Less Border
    • Widescreen, Multi Touch Display
    • Built in High Gain 10Hz GPS/GLONASS
    • Built in CHIRP/Traditional sonar
    • Built in StructureScan
    • 4 display sizes 7”, 9”, 12” & 16”
    • High Brightness Displays
    • All new HEROiC Software
    • OP40 remote operable
    • Chartplotter only versions available
    • Networks with existing NSS, NSE, NSO series MFDs
    • Networks with all Simrad Performance Modules
    • 8mm Dash Profile: Family Matched with New MO Monitors
    • OP40 Remote Controllable

    HEROiC Software

    • All new HEROiC Software has been engineered for ease of use and to maximise the benefits of widescreen multi-touch display technology.
    • HEROiC has an all new look and feel for Simrad while maintaining the familiar features for the seasoned Simrad user
    • HEROiC has been designed for mixed-mode user control to provide a powerful multi touch user interface that can also be operated by a keypad when the sea conditions get challenging
    • HEROiC software is more customisable, allowing users to completely configure the system to their needs.
    • Personalised Wallpaper
    • Fully customisable favourites that can be accessed by a long press of the ‘Home’ key: HEROiC utilizes multitouch gestures for object manipulation and menu access. These types of controls are mainstream in todays Tablet/Smartphone market and very intuitive and easy to adapt to.
    • Pinch to zoom Chart, Echo, Radar
    • Drag the status bar down from the top of the display to access system controls
    • OP40 Remote Controllable

    Software Features

    NSS evo2 inherits all the existing software feature from NSS RTM 3.0 plus more new for evo2:

    • FLIR M-Series camera control
    • OP40 Remote controllable
    • Dual Radar
    • 48RPM Radar Support
    • BEP C-Zone Integration

    –Mercury VesselView Display Integration –Fusion Link Audio Support – including multiple audio servers –AIS SARTs –NMEA Data Logging –GRIB Weather support –Adjustable page split ratios and panel layouts –StructureMap overlay –BSM2 SW v 1.7 compatible

  • EnclosurePC/ABS Plastic Rear Case, Glass Front
    Operating Temperature"-15°C to +55°C (5° F to 131° F)
    Non-Operating Temperature"-20°C to +60°C
    Water IngressIPX6 and 7
    Weight1.8 Kg
    dimensions (WxHxD)mm231 x 147 x 105
    Display Brightness1200 nits
    Display Resolution800x480
    Capacitance Multi TouchYes"
    Operating voltage9 - 31.2 V DC
    Power consumption (nominal)12 W
    Low power standby modeYes
    Protectionreverse polarity and temporary over-voltage to 36V
    ConformityCE, C-Tick, HDMI
    KeysRotary Dial with Push, Home, Exit, STBY/AUTO, Power (MARK key on 9", 12" &16")
    NMEA 20001 port on rear (Micro-C male)
    Built-in High Gain 10Hz GPSYes
    Bracket MountableGimbal
    Traditional / CHIRP Sonar PortYES
    Structure Sonar PortYES
    HDMI Video OutputNO
    Chart Card SlotDual Micro SD
    Video InputYes - 2 channel Composite Video Input
    NMEA 0183Yes - 1 Channel NMEA0183
    Ethernet Network PortYes 1
    Receive and transmit PGN59392 ISO Acknowledgement, 59904 ISO Request, 60928 ISO Address Claim, 65285 Temperature with Instance, 65323 Data User Group Request, 65325 Reprogram Status, 65341 Autopilot Mode, 65480 Autopilot Mode, 127245 Rudder, 127251 Rate of Turn, 127257 Attitude, 127488 Engine Parameters, Rapid Update, 127489 Engine Parameters, Dynamic, 127493 Transmission Parameters, Dynamic, 127503 AC input status, 127504 AC Output Status, 127505 Fluid Level, 127506 DC Detailed Status, 127507 Charger Status, 127508 Battery Status, 127509 Inverter Status, 129033 Time & Date, 129038 AIS Class A Position Report, 129039 AIS Class B Position Report, 129040 AIS Class B Extended Position Report, 129794 AIS Class A Static and Voyage Related Data, 129801 AIS Addressed Safety Related Message, 129802 AIS Safety Related Broadcast Message, 129808 DSC Call Information, 129809 AIS Class B “CS” Static Data Report, Part A, 129810 AIS Class B “CS” Static Data Report, Part B, 130313 Humidity, 130314 Actual Pressure, 130576 Small Craft Status, 130842 SimNet DSC Message, 130851 Event Reply, 130817 Product Info, 130820 Reprogram Status, 130832 Fuel Used - High Reolution, 130834 Engine and Tank Configuration, 130838 Fluid Level Warning, 130843 Sonar Status, Frequency and DSP Voltage
    Transmit and receive PGNS61184 Parameter Request/Command, 65289 Trim Tab Insect Configuration, 65291 Backlight Control, 65292 Clear Fluid Level Warnings, 65293 LGC-2000 Configuration, 126208 ISO Command Group Function, 126992 System Time, 126996 Product Info, 127237 Heading/Track Control, 127250 Vessel Heading, 127258 Magnetic Variation, 128259 Speed, Water referenced, 128267 Water Depth, 128275 DistanceLog, 129025 Position, Rapid Update, 129026 COG & SOG, Rapid Update, 129029 GNSS Position Data, 129283 Cross Track Error, 129284 Navigation Data, 129539 GNSS DOPs, 129540 GNSS Sats in View, 130074 Route and WP Service - WP List - WP Name & Position, 130306 Wind Data, 130310 Environmental Parameters, 130311 Environmental Parameters, 130312 Temperature, 130577 Direction Data, 130840 Data User Group Configuration, 130845 Parameter Handle, 130850 Event Command, 130831 Suzuki Engine and Storage Device Config, 130835 SetEngineAndTankConfiguration, 130839 Pressure Insect Configuration
    Transmit only PGNs65287 Configure Temperature INSOcts, 65290 Paddle Wheel Speed Configuration, 129285 Route/Waypoint Data, 130818 Reprogram Data, 130819 Request Reprogram, 130828 Set Serial Number, 130836 Fluid Level Insect Configuration, 130837 Fuel Flow Turbine Configuration
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