CP200 SideVision™ Sonar

  • Expand your underwater horizon with the CP200 CHIRP SideVision® sonar

    The CP200 CHIRP SideVision® Sonar expands your underwater horizon with crystal-clear, bank-to-bank displays of fish, bait and underwater structure.

    Engineered with the same CHIRP sonar technology as Raymarine’s award winning DownVision™ the CP200 uses advanced CHIRP signal processing technology to let you see further, see more clearly, and detect more fish than traditional side scanning sonars.

    Key Features

    • Network compatible CHIRP SideVision® sonar for aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, the NEW eS Series and the gS Series MFDs
    • Multi-sonar compatible: view CHIRP SideVision® alongside other sources, simultaneously
    • Image fish, bait and bottom structure at distances up to 600 feet horizontally per side
    • CHIRP signal processing delivers crystal-clear images with amazing detail
    • Works seamlessly alongside Raymarine Digital, CHIRP and CHIRP DownVision™ sonar
    • Adjustable CPT-200 transducer optimizes performance for shallow or deep water scanning

    Experience Visionality™

    CP200 delivers side scan sonar imagery so close to reality we call it Visionality™. See amazing photo-like imagery of underwater terrain and man-made objects.

    CP200 and a12 | Raymarine

    Superior Range Performance

    Raymarine CHIRP signal processing delivers high resolution and excellent long range performance. Identify objects and see fish even further, out to 600-feet on each side!

    CHIRP SideVision® Technology

    Dual Independent Transducer Arrays

    Best-in-class side scan performance using two high-performance transducer arrays with dedicated CHIRP sonar channels.

    High Angle Setting | Raymarine

    High-Angle Setting for Shallow Water Applications

    Low Angle Setting | Raymarine

    Low-Angle Setting for Deep Water Applications

    See Further

    Independently adjustable transducer arrays enable anglers to preset their SideVision® transducer angle for either shallow or deep water applications. Left and Right sonar images up to 600' / 183m either side of the boat.

    Easy to Network

    Connect the CP200 with Raymarine LightHouse II powered multifunction displays, including aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, the NEW eS Seriens and the gS Series systems.

    CP200 SideVision Networking | Raymarine 

    CPT-200 Transducer | Raymarine 

    CPT-200: CHIRP SideVision® Transducer

    Engineered for high performance CHIRP sonar, the CPT-200 transducer is perfectly matched to the CP200’s CHIRP transceiver.

    CPT-200 Key Features

    • Transom mount CHIRP SideVision® sonar array for the CP200
    • Independently adjustable port and starboard arrays for shallow, mid or deep-water scanning
    • Rugged, stainless carrier with kick-up strike protection
    • The CPT-200 SideVision transducer includes a patented kick-up guide that ensures the transducer can be easily returned to its original position in the event the transducer kicks up after striking an object or debris.

    Note: This transducer is not suitable for mounting on vessels where the transom is aft of the propeller(s)

    CHIRP SideVision® and DownVision™ Together

    Combine the CP200 with CHIRP DownVision™ for the ultimate in sonar intelligence, giving you a full 180 degree view of your underwater surroundings.

    Add CHIRP DownVision™ to your network with a CP100 DownVision Sonar or an aSeries multifunction display (DownVision™ models only)

    SideVision and DownVision